A Long Overdue Update

Family Easter pic

Um, yeah. So, it’s been a long time since I blogged. Years, actually. So this is the obligatory sorry-it’s-been-so-long-since-I-last-posted post. Let’s go ahead and get that out of the way.

I can tell you I’m turning over a new leaf, and I’ve decided to start blogging again. I have a long list of posts to write, so this isn’t an empty promise. I was inspired to blog again from my friend and neighbor here in Nairobi, Laura Swanson. She has a fun blog of all kind of things that strike her fancy.

I’ll save my longer posts for their own entries, but wanted to start out this introduction by sharing some pictures from our life here. I just love taking pictures with my phone, especially of my darling Mikayla, who turned two in June. If you are on Instagram or Facebook, you should follow/friend me if you want to see more pics!

Mikayla lounging

Mikayla checks out the tomatoes at our local produce stand/duka.

Our wonderful language tutor, Beatrice, smiles after she places some of our Swahili word flash cards on the table.

This is our home now, with our new (to us) car parked out front.

It's been winter here in Nairobi, and because the elevation is so high it's been pretty cold (even though we're near the equator). Our duplex doesn't get much sun, so we've been keeping warm huddled around a fire during language class every afternoon. It's finally starting to warm up here though!