A new team member

Hannah and the Joneses

We have an exciting announcement! Our team is growing! No, this isn't a pregnancy announcement. We're getting another actual adult on this team: Hannah Dennis (see picture of us together above). Hannah came out and visited us for the month of November last year and after much prayer she decided to join us here in Nairobi for the next two years.

Hannah graduated from university last May and attended All Nations' CPx (Church Planting Experience) in Kansas City, Mo., in July of last year. There, she learned about what we are doing here in Nairobi and it lined up really well with the work and the people the Lord had already placed on her heart. So All Nations leadership in KC encouraged her to check us out. We invited her to spend a month with us in November. She agreed, and we were all very pleasantly surprised with how it worked out. She's a mature, thoughtful, and dedicated person. We get on really well together, our callings line up well, and we're excited to be able to share life together starting mid-May when she'll arrive on our doorstep.

More team members was a big prayer request of ours for a while. So thank you to all who prayed! And we would love you to keep praying more people in!

Here's a link to Hannah's blog where she shares about how she made the decision to move here.

If you are someone interested in going overseas for missions, I'd encourage you to read Hannah's account and talk to other people who have\ done it too. I think sometimes we overspiritualize the process of "finding God's will for our lives." I've seen a lot of people waiting for some clear, supernatural sign from God, when there's a lot of steps you can take within God's will that then reveal more of his plan as you go.

If you're interested in missions, I'd highly recommend All Nations' training programs taking place around the world. There's a 3-week CPx in Kansas City in July and October, and you can find out more about here. There's also a CPx starting in October in Cape Town you can find out more about here.

One thing that helped me discern where God was calling me was a short-term trip to the location I was considering. Brandon and I would love for you to come to Nairobi on a short trip, or longer internship. We've got another recent college grad lined up to spend June with us this year. Just let us know if you're interested and we can talk through what all that would entail (and if this would be a good fit for you).

Who knows? Like Hannah, you might just end up staying.