Traveling through Africa

We arrived safely in Zimbabwe last night after a two-day road trip. The photo was taken by Brandon as we drove through Botswana.


Zimbabwe is a beautiful country, and people here are so warm and friendly. We love being with our brother Munya and seeing all the fruit the father has given him in Chinotimba, next to Victoria Falls.

We arrived after dark last night and were met with a dark house. The electricity gets turned off here for long stints for something called "load sharing." We determined the poor planning we made in not buying an LED torch. Instead, our lantern faded out after an hour or so of using it to light the kitchen as we cooked dinner. The electricity came back on around 11 as we headed to bed. It turned off this evening at about the same time.

We spent the day with Munyaradzi Hove, the All Nations family member here. He is a dynamite man, and took us to see some of the dozens of housechurches he has started in the past few years. The people here are so open and eager to hear about Jesus, to be prayed for, to read the Bible. It's amazing how smoothly the small group Bible study/housechurch model works in this country. We met one family on the street and prayed for them and that led to starting a discovery Bible study with them this week.

Unfortunately, Munya will be following up with them without us. We only have 3 nights and 2 full days here. Tomorrow Brandon will lead a leadership training workshop for the 25 or so local leaders that Munya has raised up here. Brandon will also be meeting with Munya to plan for his Internet Cafe. Today, I interviewed Munya for a feature on the All Nations Web site. Look for that next month at, as I've only got limited access to the internet on this trip.

Right now we're sitting on a deck, eating crocodile tail and listening to Victoria Falls in the distance. Zimbabwe is a beautiful country!


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