Living by Faith

Jones family

Living by Faith We only go back to the U.S. every year and a half. The time came for another visit, so at the end of January Brandon, Mikayla, and I got on a plane and flew to America. We stayed until last Friday. We spent time with family, but also spent most of our time with other people, sharing about our work. It's one of the boons and banes of our missionary lifestyle: finding partners to support our work through prayer and finances.

I call it a bane, because for my own self, I'd really rather not ask people for money. I'd rather have the independence and security that comes with just having a regular salary. And it's hard to leave our lives every year and a half to take the time to maintain our support.

So why did we do it? Well, it's nigh impossible to get a work permit and get paid for what we feel called to do in Africa. Also, the only reason that really counts is because God told us to. He asked us to walk this journey with him and it's been an honor.

That's why I call support raising a boon too, and that's really what it is, because the process of being on support the past five years has taught me so much. I've learned how to depend on other people in a healthy way. I've learned to trust in God with all our needs. I've been blessed out the wazoo with unexpected generosity from others. And I've had the benefit of being prayed for by people all over the world. I've seen breakthroughs that never would have happened if we didn't have a whole team of people praying for the work we do.

So despite some hard things about this lifestyle, I am ever so thankful to be able to live on support. I know it's not just me and my family out here in Kenya on our own. We're part of a whole community of people invested in what God is doing here.

So for all of you who have given to us over the past five years, or prayed even one prayer for us -- THANK YOU! You have made our lives so much richer, and you've made a huge impact for the kingdom in Africa.

If you want to partner with us, you can go to the How to Give tab on this site to find out the details. We found more financial partners this time around in the U.S., but we still don't have all our monthly needs met in cash or pledges.

We are also looking for a lot more prayer support. We have experienced a lot more spiritual opposition since moving to Kenya last year. We are hoping to rally a lot more prayer around what's going on in our work this year.

If you would like to know how to pray for us, we have an email newsletter we send out with specific prayer requests. Please email me if you would like to be added: